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Pavers and Wall Stone

Pavers and Wall Stone

With time, a walkway can age, a deck can wear out and a patio can become outdated. Perhaps a refresh of your outdoor paving is just the thing you need to get the look you want. A simple arrangement of hardscaping can enhance your home and create a new outdoor environment to complement your home’s exterior.

Looking for something more elaborate? We can assist with the design, arrangement, sourcing and delivery of all materials needed to create a completely unique look for your patio, driveway, walkway or retaining wall.

Modern hardscapes and natural wall stone are excellent choices! Bill LaFlesh Landscaping specializes in high-quality paving solutions for any size project.

Our extensive portfolio and raving testimonials are proof of our experience, attention to detail and quality of work. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your paving project and present our recommendations and design assistance to make it come to life.

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